10 Best Blogs about Android Apps, Games and Smartphones

26 Sep 2016
by Artjom König

Android is the leading operating system not only for mobiles but also for tablets, laptops and smartwatches. And the increasing use of android makes it one of the most trending topic on internet. There are a lot of blogs, magazines and news websites that publishes latest news, reviews and lists of android apps, smartphones or utilities and tools. Even android gaming is covered by some tech magazines.

Today I have come up with a list of top 15 blogs/websites talking about android apps, games, smartphones and tricks. The below list has no specific order

Top 10 Blogs about Android Apps and Games


Top of the list, there is androidauthority which is actually an authority when you consider finding knowledge about android operating system, android apps or smartphone reviews.

Android Authority is sharing deep view inside the android apps and when it comes to gadgets and reviews, they are publishing true and fair view thereon. The weekly gadget giveaways are the main attraction for android users.


The Android guys blog deals with android tech tips, tricks and tutorials to educate you more about the little computer inside your pocket. Yes, that’s the android.

Working tricks and tutorials based on latest updates is what android guys is known for.

Android Police

Android Police can be defined as the cop in the world of android. Critical evaluation and review of android apps and roundups of amazing apps only is the identity of android police.

Android PIT

The special thing about android PIT is that they have information in other than English language as well. And the forum over there is really helpful for dummies and techies.


Android and me is the group of tech enthusiast who are contributing the web with amazing and useful resources about android. Especially the technical aspects of the android and behind the tech is what androidandme can be visited for.

Toms Guide Android

If you ever encountered a problem in your computer hardware or software and looked up for solution over internet? You might have met tomsguide.

The android section of tomsguide website does the same. It has hell lot of resources to bring you out of the problem with your android device.


The Android Central forum is the biggest android forum. Not only a forum, Android central is also publishing android news, android apps, smartphone reviews. I love the android central giveaways even if I never won any.


Started back in April 2012, team android has grown in the world of android. Team android claims to be much clear than XDA developers when it comes to share knowledge about custom ROMs and guides and tutorials.


Phandroid is one stop destination for technology videos, android news and tutorials. Phandroid actually started to deliver helpful resources for its readers and it is doing the same till now.


DroidCrunch stands here as one of the fastest growing android apps and games reviews blog. Started back in June 2016, It is growing rapidly and enlarging the resources for android app users and gamers. More than games and apps, DroidCrunch treats with smartphone reviews and useful lists of resources.

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